Whats new for Say No to Plastic in 2015

Welcome to the Doing your bit for the Environment website.         The sad fact is that while humans prosper all over the world, our extravagant use of natural resources and wanton disregard for the environment has put this world in danger.

Our environment is in danger

Our environment is in danger from global warming, and we are entirely to blame. No other species has ever been able to cause such widespread damage. We need to take action, as individuals, by doing things like installing solar panels in our homes, for example. Contact our team of experts on Doing your bit for the Environment for further details.


Say No to Plastic


Say No and use alternative sources

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General use of plastics

Whilst we are against the general use of plastics, we recognise that it it has to be used to create some products, such as the moulds created by http://www.daneplast.co.uk/ for creating products. However, there is a difference between the limited use of essential plastics, and the wrapping and coating of everything in plastic that is currently part of our culture


Comparing different forms of travel

It goes without saying that any form of travel which doesn't produce greenhouse gases – that is, walking and cycling – will be top of the green travel heirarchy. Plus, they cost hardly anything and they're good for your health!

Of all the types of transport that use fuel, buses and trains have the lowest carbon emissions per passenger mile when they are full. But during off-peak hours, buses and trains can run virtually empty.

Once a car has three people in it, it becomes a more efficient transport choice than buses or trains – not taking into account the five tonnes of carbon dioxide produced in the manufacture of each car.

It helps to be flexible about travel arrangements. About a third of people in Wales don't have access to a car and many of these people get around via a number of different methods depending on where and when they are travelling. If you own a car, you should still consider using different forms of transport for different needs.