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Welcome to the Doing your bit for the Environment website.         The sad fact is that while humans prosper all over the world, our extravagant use of natural resources and wanton disregard for the environment has put this world in danger.

Our environment is in danger

Our environment is in danger from global warming, and we are entirely to blame. No other species has ever been able to cause such widespread damage. We need to take action, as individuals, by doing things like installing solar panels in our homes, for example. Contact our team of experts on Doing your bit for the Environment for further details.


But what possible difference could one person make?

But what possible difference could one person make?
That depends. If you make the effort to leave the car at home and take the bus to work instead, it can be pretty disheartening to look out of the window and see hundreds of private cars, each with only one person inside. It's tempting to conclude that if everyone else is driving their car, you may as well too.

As a global citizen, you are responsible for the state of the world along with everyone else, and you need to decide for yourself. Is it okay to do harm if everyone else is doing it? Do you want the world to be a better place for having you in it?

Each thing you do will only make a small difference. Each time you drive the car on a journey of less than three miles, that releases about two kilograms of carbon into the atmosphere. So each journey of less than three miles that you decide not to use the car for will save two kilograms of carbon.

It helps to remind yourself that whenever you do something that makes a positive difference, whether it's switching the light off, giving clothes to charity, or buying Fairtrade bananas, you're not on your own, although it may seem as if you are. Thousands of people across Wales are doing their little bit, day by day. And if you look at what you save over a period of time, you'll see that it soon adds up. For example, if you recycle one black bag's worth of rubbish every fortnight, over a year that makes 25 bin bags, or 125 kilograms of rubbish, which isn't going to landfill any more.